WEN 4214 Review

The WEN 4214 drill press is a high-powered, high-accuracy drill press suitable for serious woodworkers. Designed to bring features typically reserved for more expensive models, the cast-iron WEN 4214 is ideal for dedicated artisans looking for a tool that can see many years of hard use. Capable of drilling through wood and metal, it is capable of putting a very precise hole reliably and repeatedly.

The maximum drill capacity is 5/8” in 1″ thick cast iron. Of primary interest is the variable speed setting. However, rather than changing a series of gears, chains, belts or other mechanical adjustments, it is only necessary to adjust a lever to select the proper speed. A torque-converter transmission ensures a constant power and torque delivery regardless of speed, providing a clean drill every time. The speed of the drill is displayed on a LED display. This instant adjustability and feedback are perfect for when working with new or untested materials since it enables the operator to begin slowly and then increase the speed over time. The speed can vary between 580 and 3200 RPM.

The Wen 4214 is capable of handling drill bits up to 5/8” in size and comes with a chuck key that has integrated storage when not in use. The MT2 industry standard bit taper is designed to take the maximum number of commercially available bits and should fit most bit sets. The drill bit is lined up using a laser “X” display, indicating precisely where the hole will be placed. This prevents wasted materials caused by improperly drilled holes or imprecisely lined up drills. The spindle travel of 3-1/8″ enables significantly deep holes to be drilled, and a locking linear depth stop enables holes of precise depth to be repeatedly drilled.

A 120V, 60Hz 2/3hp induction motor is used to power the drill press, providing significant power sufficient for most operations. The 9-1/2×9-1/2″ cast iron work table is designed with rack and pinion height adjustment and can bevel up to 45 degrees to the right or left to permit angled drilling. Several mounting points are included for a precise holding of items, and clamps and other mounting points can be used on the worktable surface. The entire base and much of the machine is made out of cast iron to make it less susceptible to shocks, jolts, and movement. The base has four mounting holes to enable it to be permanently attached to a workbench, table or another work area. In total, it weighs over 90 lbs, which helps to make the machine steady.

The WEN 4212 offers additional versatility through the use of mortising attachments, drum sanders, circle cutters and other optional extras which can be attached to the machine for additional functionality. This enables it to function like a high-precision multi-function tool, and is ideal for drilling or modifying holes and surfaces. This, when combined with the laser aiming device, is perfect for doing the rough parts of decorative work on wood pieces, before shifting to a more delicate hand tool for the final cuts.