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Reasons you Need to Know About Drill Press and Hand Drill

Drills are tools fitted with cutting bits that are used to bore holes through different materials. The cutting tool attached to a drill can either be a form of “driver bit” or “drill bit”. There are multiple types of drills. The most common types of drills used are the hand drill and drill press [….]

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Reasons Every Woodworker Needs a Drill Press

In deed this is an important tool to have for modern homes and shops similar. There are a number of ways you can use it and a number of things you can do with it to suit your preferences. From wood crafting to metal drilling, a drill press does it all [….]

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Basic Information About the Drill Press

Drilling press also referred drilling machine are used to bore holes, usually in hard substances, by continuous rotary action. There are many drill tools which range in size, cost and use but all works in similar manner. It consist of following parts [….]

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How to Drill Straight Without a Drill Press

I bet all the hot shots reading this, agree to the title! Well, I wouldn’t agree any less. Old school drill presses are time consuming, heavy to lunge around and yeah, not at all sexy! Haven’t we all spent a well earned Saturday afternoon correcting those messed up drill holes? […]

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The Quick Guide to Set Up Your Drill Press

A drill press is a tool that most woodworkers should have in their arsenal. This is because drilling is arguably the most important task, after sawing, when it comes to woodworking. The set up and maintenance of one of these tools is simple, if done correctly […]

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Choosing the Right Drill Press for You

When working with wood, and especially tougher materials like metal, your drill press can make the difference between success and failure. When purchasing a new unit, there are a few features that will help you with your projects [….]

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