How to Convert a Hand Drill Into a Drill Press

Whenever we deal with wood or metal, we like to work very efficiently, no wasted energy, time and money. Hand tools are the first that come to our mind when we look for things that can help us do the job right. One of them is called the hand drill(HD).

Hand drills should be defined by the name itself. It should come in handy like what our Science teachers taught us about simple machines. Simple machines make our life easier and our works faster. But sometimes, a HD fails its purpose.

A hand drill has limitations. Sometimes, it cannot do the work because its capacity chooses selected materials and holes to accomplish. Also, holding a HD targeting a hole in very tiny pieces is very difficult to attain. But the long wait is over, you can convert your HD into a drill press(DP) fast and easy.

What makes DP special is it helps the HD go beyond its limitations for faster and more successful handwork. DP is very advantageous because it is already fixed. It helps to prevent the shaking of hands as you use a HD, resulting to a more precise hole. It is effortless to make hole on tiny pieces which the HD takes a hard time to accomplish.

Compared to hand drill, drill presses come with more powerful and well-equipped motors, this will enable you to finish your work faster.s

A hand drill can be quickly converted to and from a DP by using an adapter. This will costs lesser amount of money compared to when you buy a dedicated DP. For a complete transformation, here are easy steps you can follow to convert your hand drill into a DP. The only thing you need to use is a drill press stand. With just one material, conversion can be completely done in a few minutes.

1. Take away the clamp. Do you see that thing that holds your hand drill tightly? Yes, it is the clamp. Remove it now because you will not need it anymore. You will replace it then with the clamp of the DP. Many DP stands come in a U-shape. It has a heavy wire with two nuts on the bottom of the drill press stand. Some clamps of the DP are adjustable steel plates that push down the drill when compressing it. Put the HD in the frame with the handle faced away from the position of the DP stand then swap the clamp. Tighten the clamp nuts firmly. With the help of the DP clamp, it will secure the drill letting you work continuously.

2. Do not forget to mount it. As mentioned earlier, what the converted DP promises is being fixed on a board, unlike a HD. What you will do is to escalate the DP stand to a work bench if possible. If a work bench is not available or does not potentially work, you can use a piece of plywood measuring about 3/4 inches, or you can also use a piece of board. Make sure that the size of the board and plywood are larger than the base of the stand and clamp of the board to the bench.

3. Use the drill press cautiously. Though we have upgraded the tool already, it is worthy to note of the things that it is capable to do. Utilize the DP conversion as you would any ordinary DP. But be aware that this is a light duty arrangement and is not intended for drilling bigger holes in metal or exceptionally hard woods.

4. Always be safe. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so never forget to wear safety glasses when using a DP. There will be times that small pieces might hurt your eyes. With the use of safety glasses, you will prevent small pieces from getting into your eyes.

It is easy, right? With these four steps, you can now upgrade your tool to a more powerful one Take the chance and enjoy doing your work. So, who says hand drills are the only ones that can come handy? Drill press can be, too!

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